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Since 1990

Zhejiang huanfang Automobile Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.,


Factory covers an area of 42800 square meters


Pursue a quality goal of 0 ppm


the annual output is 13.5 million solenoid switches, 2 million relays and 1.8 million new energy high-voltage contactors.

  • - Famous Trademark of Taizhou City
  • - Famous trademark of Zhejiang Province
  • - the drafting unit of the national industry standards for solenoid switches and relays
  • - Domestic OEM supporting market share first
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New energy
High voltage contactors

As the control component, the high voltage contactor is the core component of new energy vehicles.
Used in automatic control circuits such as automobiles and wind power generation, it is an "automatic switch" that uses a small current to control large current operation.
Provide safety protection for circuit control with other components in the circuit and convert the circuit.
HUANFANG high voltage DC contactor has the characteristics of fast action, small size, high protection level, quickly cool the arc, high reliability of action, and long life.

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Automotive starters
Solenoid switches

The electromagnetic switch is composed of attracting coil, holding coil, movable iron core, return spring, main contact and so on. Most of the control devices of automobile starters use solenoid switches to control the starters. The functions of electromagnetic switches are as follows:
1. Control the starter drive gear to mesh and separate from the engine flywheel ring gear.
2. Control the on and off of the DC motor circuit.
The stability and reliability of the solenoid switch is directly related to the reliability of the engine.
Huanfang Electric is the drafting unit of national industry standards for automotive electromagnetic switches and relays. For 30 years, we have consistently provided customers with stable and reliable solenoid switch products.

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High Voltage Contactor
Application Range

We strive for producing high-performance and reliable products, Choosing us is the best affirmation.

New Energy Vehicles

New Energy Charging Pile

Wind Power Station

Solar Engineering

Smart Appliances

Electrical Tools

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Since its establishment, Huanfang has been focusing on the manufacture of automotive relays and solenoid switches. It is the drafting unit of the national industry standards for solenoid switches and …

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